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Monday, December 10, 2018
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Halo Project Naas

Unit 3, Block 5, Monread Leisure and commercial Centre, Monread Avenue, Naas, Co.Kildare
Phone Number:
045 872 500

What we do

We have a free confidential service that supports young people who want help with their substance use. We work with young people and their families who live in the Kildare West Wicklow area.
Some of the young people who come to us want help to stop taking drugs and/or alcohol, others want help with reducing their use, and some people just want to learn a little more.
Whatever your concern is – we’re here to help you.


What we provide

  • Information and advice
  • One-to-one counselling and support
  • Family therapy and support
  • A comprehensive care plan that may involve other relevant agencies
  • Holistic treatments (massage etc.)
  • Consultation with other services, such as probation/social workers


How our service works


First, you or your family – or someone who works with you – gets in contact with us.

We ask for some basic information (like where you’re from, your age and what your concerns are). Then we try to organise an appointment for you as soon as we can.

We like to give you a choice about where to meet for the first time, so that you feel comfortable.



A Note for young people


What you can expect from our service?                         

Our service is a free, confidential service which supports young people with substance use issues. Some young people want to stop taking a particular drugs and or alcohol, others want to reduce their use and other young people just want to learn a little more about the affects substances have on their lives. No matter what the concern is we will endeavour to give you support. 



What happens when you come to us?

Once you come to our service either by referring yourself or through some other avenues such a school, J.L.O. etc we will arrange an appointment to meet you and your family. We can meet you at a place where you are comfortable. This could be your own home, school or at our project in Naas. The first step for us is to complete an assessment with you.

This can take up to two sessions. A session lasts no longer than an hour and sometimes it can be shorter depending on what suits you. Once we have completed our assessment with you we will develop a care plan. We will work with you on a one to one basis for as long we both feel your needs require. This can vary for each young person it could be a couple of weeks or months depending on your needs.

The one to one sessions are designed to give you support and information about ways to cope with substance related problems. While you are working in your one to one sessions with your keyworker/ therapist your family will also be offered support from us in helping them to support you during your time in our service.



What is an assessment?

An assessment is a list of questions which cover various aspects of your life which help us get to know you and how substances affect your life. Our assessment particularly looks at the affect substances are having on these life areas such as school, family, law, friends etc. It allows us to get to know you properly and supports you in deciding exactly what areas of your life you want support with the most. 



What is a care plan?

A care plan is a plan which keeps us all on target and gives us a focus of what we are trying to reach or achieve. So an example might be to support you in getting back to education or work in order to help you in dealing with your substance use.



What do we mean by confidential?

What you tell us in treatment remains confidential. This means we cannot tell anyone what you tell us without your permission, with the exception to those who you mention in your consent form. However if you do tell us that you are going to harm anyone or yourself, or if you tell us about child abuse or neglect of you or others we are required by law to inform the services who can give you or others help for these issues. We will talk with you about this before we share this with anyone else.



What we need from you


We ask you that you come on time to all your scheduled appointments with us. We will always try to accommodate you with an appointment that is convenient for you within reason. If you cannot attend we ask that you call our service ahead of time so that your appointment can be rescheduled.


A clear head:

We ask that you are not directly under the influence of a substance during a session.


Completion of treatment:

We would encourage you to try and attend all your scheduled appointments, but if you ever consider finishing treatment early please discuss this with your key-worker as soon as possible.




Contact Us




Emer Loughrey (Coordinator) 087- 2119196
Cormac McQuaid 087- 9350921
Linda Cooney 087- 6747571
Joan Hunt 087- 6819406
Landline 045- 872500


Email Reception






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